Elevation made simple

SERAPID offers a complete range of Car, Truck and Goods lifts powered by our unique Rigid Chain Technology (RCT), which provides key advantages.

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Simple technology – simple construction

Everything about fitting SERAPID Lift Systems in your building is based on simplicity. Unlike other lifts, SERAPID lifts require no machine room and no boreholes. All equipment fits conveniently into a shallow pit, saving on space and therefore maximising building occupancy. The loads go directly into the strongest part of the building, the foundations, and because there is no need for locking pawls or loads at the top of the shaft, the strength of shaft walls can be significantly reduced. As a result of this simplicity, SERAPID Lift Systems enable cost-effective construction providing savings not available to alternative technologies.


Precise operation – each time, every time

The unique characteristics of SERAPID’s Rigid Chain Technology means that SERAPID lifts are unaffected by changing or eccentric loads. Precise positioning at every landing is guaranteed first time, every time. There is no dwell time for pressurisation and operation of pawls and no requirement for micro-levelling. On command the SERAPID lift moves instantaneously and smoothly with unlimited starts per hour. Eccentric loading causes no differential movement of the SERAPID Rigid Chain, eliminating the need for complex and unreliable compensation systems, adding to SERAPID’s reputation as a precise and reliable technology.


Robust solution – unrivalled reliability

Driven by the nearly indestructible Rigid Chain Technology, SERAPID systems are known for their durability. The robust mechanical technology engineered into SERAPID systems has been installed thousands of times in the harshest environments and for the most demanding applications where operational failure is not an option. Modular in design and complemented by a mechanical drive system manufactured from standard industrial components, every SERAPID Lift System is engineered with large safety factors and redundancy providing high levels of confidence in operability and unrivalled availability. Our systems offer years of reliable operation with only minimal maintenance, making it the most reliable system you can buy.


Measurable environmental benefits

SERAPID Lift Systems are completely electromechanical. Removing the need for hydraulic fluids eliminates the risk of contamination of land and water sources. SERAPID technology does not require heat removal systems even when high duty cycles are involved. The high-energy efficiency of Rigid Chain Technology associated with regenerative drive reduces power consumption. All components of the SERAPID Lift Systems and the majority of lift cabins and door components are recyclable. The technology in the SERAPID system enables significant savings in building materials consumption and their associated environmental impacts.

SERAPID is a global leader in solutions for the safe handling of heavy loads. SERAPID’s core technology is the Rigid Chain, the ONLY chain that can 'push, pull and lift'.


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