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COMPACT AND RELIABLE - The perfect solution to parking requirements in commercial and private buildings.
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SERAPID Car Lift Systems require only shallow pits, reduced headroom, and no separate machine room. This minimises the space needed for the lift and removes the need for access ramps freeing up valuable space for other, more profitable, uses.

SERAPID Car Lifts are based on highly reliable rigid chain technology and offer the perfect solution for both low cycle domestic and high usage commercial car lifts. SERAPID’s compact lifts are the ultimate parking system for the modern architectural environment.

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Our high specification, high capacity car lift is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the available space and to compliment any architectural style.

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For commercial, residential and mixed-use complexes, perfect for every day, high-cycle use. These car lifts integrate high-quality cars, doors and controls with the reliability of SERAPID’s technology.

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SERAPID car lifts range from 2,500kg to 5,000kg, as standard, suitable for two-stop, light usage through to multi-level, heavy-duty systems. Other loads on request.


Serapid car lifts are compact, efficient and do not require hydraulic fluid. This makes them both odourless and environmentally friendly. Being based on Rigid Chain Technology the lifts offer unrivalled levels of reliability even in the most heavily used applications.

With a wide range of finishes and interior car designs, door types and control systems, all sourced from the top-end ranges of the highest quality suppliers, you will be able to specify your lift down to the smallest detail. The possibilities are practically unlimited.

Our engineers will work closely with you to help you choose and specify the best system to suit your requirement.


Based on Serapid’s unique Rigid Chain Technology these lifts offer unmatched stability, reliability and safety. The car lifts are offered as either Lift Directive 2014/33/EU or Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC compliant, depending on client requirements and space constraints

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