Retrofit lifts

Upward view of LinkLift Column
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Retrofit lifts

Retrofit lifts - Replace troublesome lift systems with SERAPID Lifts
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SERAPID Rigid Chain Technology systems are the ideal replacement for troublesome lift drive systems, particularly hydraulic units.

Retrofitting a Rigid Chain System is easy and immediately brings all the advantages of an incompressible lifting column, precise repeatable positioning, no locking pawls or re-levelling, no machine room and unrivalled reliability.

Close -up with LinkLift and Motor

Serapid Rigid Chain Systems have Model Type Approval to Lift Directive 2014/33/EU, parts EN81-20, 31, 41 and 50:2014 and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, so can be easily incorporated into any compliant lift system. As a result, it can be retrofitted to any car, truck, or goods lift.



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Key Features

SERAPID Rigid Chain Systems will make a huge difference to the performance of any lift when used as a replacement for traction or hydraulic drive systems. Being compact and flexible they can be used with most existing lift configurations fitting either directly beneath or in the shaft adjacent to the lift car. Being machine roomless they should also free up additional space within the building. The package can be fitted with regenerative drive technology to also introduce power savings.

Please contact us and one of our engineers will work closely with you to help you choose and specify the best system to suit your requirement.



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