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UNIQUE DESIGNS - Using our unique Rigid Chain Technology SERAPID can offer a solution to overcome virtually any lifting challenge.
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In addition to the extensive range of standard lifts available, SERAPID produces specialised lifting solutions to meet any specific dimensional constraints, finish or operating requirement. Below you will see a small selection of some of the unique solutions to lifting problems that have been achieved with Rigid Chain technology.

Emergency Transport Elevator – Theme Park: Secure, relocatable, emergency evacuation lift for amusement ride passengers in case of a malfunction. This free-standing, self-guided lift raises 12.5 metres to allow up to 14 people at a time to be safely lowered to ground level.

Rising Tide Bar on the Oasisi of the Seas

Travelling Bar – RCCL Oasis Class Ships: The Rising Tide Bar is a 35-passenger lift complete with a fully serviced bar. Designed to give a wow factor this smooth-running feature is a favourite for cruise ship guests.

High capacity travelling stadium platform lift

Concourse Lifter – Singapore Sports Hub: A high capacity, self-propelled stadium concourse section lift allows automated transformation for this multi-purpose stadium. The lift travels around an oval shaped pit, lifting and locking 43 concourse sections, weighing up to 110,000kg, into place.

Mobility Impaired Lift – Queen’s College, Oxford: A bespoke mobility-impaired lift which was designed specifically to overcome planning restrictions associated with a historic building. Complete with bespoke frameless glass doors the lift allows mobility-impaired people access to an underground library.

Building Maintenance Unit

Building Maintenance Unit – Canary Wharf, London: A 26,000kg capacity lift to transfer a building maintenance crane unit, used to provide façade cleaning access, between two travelling track levels. The lift in an integral self-supporting structure is completely open to the environment.

Close -up with LinkLift and Motor

Nuclear Drum Lift – USA: A compact self-supporting lift designed to safely transfer nuclear waste drums between two levels within a nuclear processing facility. Reliability and low maintenance are prerequisites for this lift.

Versatile Solutions

SERAPID Lift Systems have been installed to raise roadways to allow truck access to subterraneous lifts, rise through opening floors to provide lift access without the need for a shaft or to travel long distances in confined spaces with heavy loads. Using the simple, scalable properties of its Rigid Chain Technology, nothing is too large or too heavy for SERAPID Lift Systems to engineer.

Rigid Chain Technology is ideal for external environments being unaffected by moisture and extremes of temperature.

Our Lift Systems have unrivalled experience in providing lifts where full compliance is not possible, working closely with Notified Bodies and producing detailed design files supported by essential Health & Safety requirements to achieve certification. SERAPID lift technology is ideal for modernisation projects, where it can easily be used as a direct replacement for existing hydraulic or traction systems.

SERAPID Rigid Chain Technology excels where other lift systems falter! Contact us for a consultation.

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