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SERAPID Truck lifts

BUILT TO PERFORM - The simplest and most reliable system to move the heaviest trucks.
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SERAPID truck lifts are designed to take the largest of trucks and offer from two to multiple stop solutions in your facility. Based on Serapid Rigid Chain technology they offer the highest levels of safety and reliability for this type of lift. Rigid chain technology eliminates the need for locking pawls, re-levelling and pressurisation. This makes for significant cost reductions in the construction of the lift shaft and allows comparable cycle times at lower speeds, producing further savings on infrastructure costs.

These savings in construction, electrical infrastructure and power consumption are all available within a small equipment footprint and with an eco-friendly, low maintenance system.

Front/side view of truck lift


Fully enclosed, Lift Directive 2014/33/EU compliant, truck lifts with standard capacities from 10,000kg to 60,000kg. These lifts are offered with a choice of heavy-duty car finishes and a choice from a wide range of automatic doors.

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Lower level of truck lift, interior


A range of semi-enclosed, lifts, with standard capacities from 10,000kg to 60,000kg. These lifts, using Rigid Chain Technology can be supplied with either solid or mesh panel sides and a choice of automatic or manual doors or light guards to openings.

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truck lift exterior


A range of platform lifts, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC compliant, with standard capacities from 10,000kg to 60,000kg. These lifts are non-man riding but offer the most compact and cost-effective solution while providing the same level of safety and reliability.

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Serapid Offers a standard range of Truck lifts from 10,000kg to 60,000kg in both two stop and multi-stop options.


Based on Serapid’s unique Rigid Chain Technology these lifts offer unmatched stability, precise floor positioning and reliability. The truck lifts are offered as either Lift Directive 2014/33/EU or Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC compliant, depending on client requirements, space constraints and requisite speed.


Rigid Chain technology’s incompressible lifting columns provide precise positioning regardless of absolute or eccentric load without the need for the mechanical intervention of locking pawls, re-levelling or compensation systems, making for a simple and reliable solution.

SERAPID electro-mechanical systems are easily installed into new or existing elevator pits and need no machine-room and no boreholes. All mechanical equipment fits conveniently into a shallow pit, saving on space and therefore maximising building usage.

SERAPID has built their reputation on creating solutions for moving the heaviest of loads. The robust mechanical technology engineered into SERAPID systems has been installed thousands of times in the harshest environments and for the most demanding applications where operational failure is not an option. Our engineers will work closely with you to help you choose and specify the best system to suit your requirement.

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